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First semester at Howard?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Hey, everyone! I decided to start blogging like I told you all I would. So I guess you are all wondering, "how is college?" or "how is it at THEE Howard?". Well when I first got to Howard it felt like my mom dropped me off at a summer camp. I didn’t have any worries or priorities, it felt great. I met some amazing people during freshman week. There was people who were creatives, dancers, artists, dj’s, etc. For those of you who don't know what freshman week is, it's a week where the freshman spend that time to get acclimated with the campus, each other and go to "the best parties". Being that I'm in School of Business (known as SOB), I didn't go to my freshman week parties because we had to be up early and in class every day listening to presentations about our school, majors, and everything in between. For the parties that I did go to, they were WAY overhyped!!! There's never enough room for everyone so its hot and musty, the DJ's are trash. Where are the Syracuse Dj’s when you need them? I did enjoy the Kappa party though, they had great music and the shimmy ?! But that’s beside the point.

I met my closest friends freshman week. We do just about everything together. Everyone is so different yet we all love being around one another. My roommates are also chill. We were just laughing about our first impressions on each other and I'm just glad they're not messy or stank.

One of my floor-mates is white and she's so sweet, Our floor was trying to convince her to wear a bonnet and she finally started wearing one. On another note there are so many GORGEOUS people here at Howard that it had me in awe the first couple weeks lol. Not only is there so much beauty but talent as well. Some HU21 students started an open mic where people sang, wrote poetry, did spoken word, rapped, storytelling, etc. it's amazing to watch. I was able to dance there and the energy was crazy.

Although there's a lot of good in Howard there's also aspects, just like any other college, that you hate. For example, I hate how respected Howard is yet so poor. For example, there's no reason people's AC shouldn't work and we have crazy looking bathrooms ! I fell off my bed because there wasn't a rail or a ladder here and that just makes you sit back and think like, are you serious. Also here, everyone is "woke" and sometimes you just wanna yell “okay sis we get it.. calm down now”. I love my black sisters and brothers though. Everyone I've met has such big dreams and goals and some people even have their own businesses already. Being surrounded by all of this black excellence is intimidating, but it took me time to realize that I'm just as smart and I have big dreams as well. There's a lot of organizations out here and trying to find one that fits me has been hard and I've been feeling worthless at moments because at college, in life actually, it's not about what you know but who you know and somethings are rigged but it's cool because I'm finding my way.

I'll end the first blog here. Feel free to comment some topics that you want me to talk about, questions you have, and I'll talk to you guys soon!

*Updates as of 2019: after the first semester, I had one roommate instead of two after an incident between us. “She should’ve just sat there and ate her food”. As far as the friends that I had, it was five of us. After I began stroll, there was an incident that didn't have anything to do with me, but because of it I stopped talking to two of them. One Only one of them are still considered a close friends and the other one has transferred from Howard.*

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